GS Pay Scale

GS Pay Scale (General Pay Scale) Annually/ Monthly/ Hourly

GS Pay Scale stands for General Pay Plan or Pay Scale, it is a pay scale schedule issued by Federal Government specially for Federal Civilian employee’s, in simple words. It determines round about 75% pay schedule of employee’s working with federal or provincial government only. For sake of or for purpose of establishing this pay scale the developer uses “Local Pay Adjustment Formula” simply. GS Pay scale describes all pay values or pay slips of employee’s annually and hourly both it is implemented by federal government for clearing all pay strategies sketch in mind of employee’s. General Pay scale established on the basis of living cost of an employee and with according to his/ her family details. That is why these schedules are divided into many defined or sub defined localities (defined by federal government), another formula which can calculate your GS Pay plan is GS Pay Grade, or GS pay grade step by step. Gs Pay Grade formula is usually used by federal government authorities (person or group of persons who is authorized by federal government). Know it depends on that particular or special authority or person that he/her is calculating annually or hourly pay plan.
Annually Pay Plan:
•    An hourly Pay Plan detail in GS Pay scale according to Standards of Federal Government is following.
•    It generally goes according to set locality standards by Federal Government

GS Grade    First 1st     Second 2nd       Third 3rd     Fourth 4th
GS-1    $ 17,382    $ 17,990    $ 19,521    $ 21,201
GS-2    $ 20,362    $ 19,302    $ 20,392    $ 24,302
GS-3    $ 24,398    $ 21,201    $ 22,390    $ 26,796
GS-4    $ 25,940    $ 25,200    $ 24,403    $ 28,300
GS-5    $ 29,481    $ 27,302    $ 26,392    $ 31,291
GS-6    $ 33,382    $ 30,402    $ 29,012    $ 33,400
GS-7    $ 37,900    $ 35,302    $ 33,492    $ 36,504

Some locality Names:
•    Albany, New York
•    Atlanta Georgia
•    Albuquerque, New Mexico
•    Austin Texas
•    Buffalo, New York
•    Cleveland, Ohio
•    Chicago, Illinios
•    Cincinnati, Ohio
•    Coulumbus, Ohio
•    Dallas, Texas
•    Colorado Springs, Colorado.